• This Breitling ( https://awear.io/breitling ) chronometer review is about the best wristwatch for a diver. There are different models of wristwatches that are created for the divers. However, some of these models may not be great for the deep underwater since the water might enter into the case when the time comes that the chronograph will be activated. Breitling has found a solution to this problem and this is the Superocean Chronograph M2000. As what the name says, it consists of a chronograph that can operate in a depth of 2,000 meters when you are underwater.


    The Superocean Chronograph M2000 is the first watch that uses a magnetic push-piece system. The chronograph controls are found on the metal of the case which makes it much easier to operate. Any diver can be assured that no water will slip into this watch even if they dive depth of 2,000 meters. This is because of the 4mm sapphire crystal and the crown which is screw locked.It has the movement of Breitling’s Caliber 73 which the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute certified. It is self-winding and uses 1/10 second chronograph. It has a date indication, 12 hours and 60-minute counters as well as a split-seconds hand that is meant for splitting the times.The case has a diameter of 46mm and it is made of the stainless case with a rotating and unidirectional bezel. The sapphire crystals on the curves are guaranteed to be glare-proof on the surfaces. The dial of the watch is composed of the Breitling’s “Volcano black” and it also has subdials which are in silver and highlighted in different colors such as black, green, blue and red. You can enjoy the different options for the strap which is either the professional steel bracelet from Breitling, perforated rubber of Ocean Racer, Barenia leather, rubber with raised central ridge known as the Diver Pro and the Superocean leather.


    The Breitling chronometer review is for those people who are looking for the best pilot’s watch. The Chronomat GMT is the best functional watch for a pilot, it has a date display, tachymeter scale and the very special thing that is very useful to the pilot is the second time zone along with its 24-hour display. This is a feature which can be found in the latest Breitling Caliber 04 model. This feature relies mainly on the central hour hand. The designed was based on the Caliber 01 which is created in house. The new design of Caliber 04 has exactly the same characteristics with its predecessor which is Caliber 01. It has a certificate for COSC chronometer, reserve power for 70 hours and a vertical coupling in the column wheel chronograph. The Breitling chronometer review shows that the Chronomat GMT is fully impeccable after it is completed wound. In fact, it has an average gain of 1.1 seconds every day. This excellent precision is fully maintained when it is being tested after the landing and it was tested again after 24 hours. If you switch on the chronograph, then you will discover that it runs quite faster. This means that it can be better as it gets.


    If the strap in your Breitling watch is too long, then it can be easily shortened using the screwed lugs. Most pilots agree that the rotating bezel is a very useful accessory. Its usefulness can be evident when you turn your position into a specific interval. Although, there are some pilots who are saying that the tachymeter scale which is found at the edge of the dial is very small for their preference. Furthermore, they noticed that there is something that glares, glitters or sparks in the sunlight making them hard to read. However, they noticed that the time display is very extraordinary compared to the chronograph function and this is usually what you see right away most especially if you are viewing the dial in the dark.